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MECH Email Upgrade

MECH Email Upgrade
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Mechanical and Materials Engineering Email Upgrade

The upgrade to the Mechanical and Materials Engineering email server, me.queensu.ca, will be taking place over the Thanksgiving weekend. This upgrade will require users to change their incoming mail server from me.queensu.ca to mail.appsci.queensu.ca. Your existing email address, username, and password will not change.

The email move will commence at 8:00 AM Saturday October 7, 2006 and is expected to finish by 4:00 PM.

During the move, no mail messages will be lost but you will only be able to use the webmail to read your email. You will not be able to retrieve email using a mail program like Eudora or Outlook until you have been moved. You will know that your mailbox has been moved when your webmail is automatically redirected from http://me.queensu.ca/exchange  to https://mail.appsci.queensu.ca/exchange/ and the appearance has been upgraded to the new interface. You will need to change the incoming mail server in your mail program from me.queensu.ca to mail.appsci.queensu.ca. Once you have done this, you can immediately begin using your mail program again. Instructions on changing your mail program to use the new server can be found at http://services.appsci.queensu.ca/howto/mail/mech/.

We are introducing encrypted access to the server in addition to the standard POP3 and IMAP protocols. These new encryption methods are the same as the old but keep information between you and the server private. It is strongly recommended that all users of POP3 and IMAP take advantage of the new encryption to ensure your privacy. Instructions on configuring the new security can be found at http://services.appsci.queensu.ca/howto/mail/mech/ as well.

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